3-legged Kitten Adopted by 2-year-old Amputee Share a Special Connection

A three-legged kitten was adopted by a family with a 2-year-old girl, Scarlette, who is also an amputee herself. When they first met, they connected as if they understood each other.

Տсɑrlette hɑԁ tο hɑve her left ɑrm ɑmpսtɑteԁ ԁսe tο сɑnсer

Scarlette is a very brave little girl who has beat a rare form of cancer though her left arm was left amputated. She absolutely adores cats.

“We wanted a little kitten to have her grow up with, so she has something that’s just like her,” Simone Tipton told Love Meow.

They spent half a year looking for a three-legged kitty to join their family and just before Christmas they found her!

Courtesy of Smiles For Scarlette

That night, the family saw a story about a little three month old kitten that just had an amputation on the local news, KTLA, and started calling to find out how they could adopt the kitten. When they weren’t getting the info they needed over the phone, they made a trip to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

Тhis little ɡirl ɑnԁ this tiny kitten ƅοth lοst sοmethinɡ tο trɑɡeԁy

“Scarlette was really excited, she absolutely loves cats. She did notice that Doc had staples on her side and said ‘owies’. I let her know that she had owies just like her, and she placed her hand on her side and just nodded,” Tipton told Love Meow.

That was the moment when they knew this kitten was the one. “She recognizes that the cat has similar struggles as she does.”

Тhe twο fοսnԁ eɑсh οther οn Christmɑs eve, ɑfter the Тiptοn fɑmily leɑrneԁ ɑƅοսt the сɑt οn Тⴸ

The perfect home!

“Doc has adjusted to living here so well, she jumps on everything, despite her limitation. She is extremely snuggly and loves to plop in your lap,” Tipton told Love Meow.

Dοс the kitten lοst her pɑw ɑfter she trieԁ tο sleep սnԁer the hοοԁ οf ɑ сɑr tο stɑy wɑrm

“Տhe reсοɡnizes thɑt the сɑt hɑs similɑr strսɡɡles ɑs she ԁοes,” sɑiԁ Տсɑrlette’s mom


Doc has grown so much!

Courtesy of Smiles For Scarlette

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