Caught In Providence: Playing the “Old Lady” Card

The epitome of good sense, moral character and fair mindedness. Justice for all in the Court of Judge Caprio. If only there were more like him.(Richard Nolan).

The judge agreed with him, and you saw his bl.ood pressure go up $60 worth. then dismissed. i would have been near tears over that $60. a very empathic judge. thank you! – Em1o Smurf

What a joke – they triple the amount if you don’t pay on time. Really? Thirty dollars for a parking ticket is cr.azy anyway. – J MAN

I think the time limit is way to short, let alone doubling. 14 days is crazy short. I think that is punishing the poor. Have to take time off work to say my minimum wage job doesn’t give me enough money to pay this ticket in a single month. – Built On The Rock Homestead

Watch video: Playing the “Old Lady” Card

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