Judge Frank Caprio waives fines for Saudi student in heartwarming viral clip

A heartwarming encounter between a Saudi student in the US and a Rhode Island judge has gone viral in the Middle East.

US judge Frank Caprio, an internet sensation thanks to his short videos of rulings he makes in court, warmed to Tahani Al-Manei who is in the state studying for a network engineering degree.

Caught in Providence – Saudi student Tahani Al-Manei’s story

In the video, having been told that Al-Manei has flouted parking rules on six different occasions and has not paid the fines, he questioned why she keeps parking in a paid zone without payment.

When Al-Manei explained her predicament of not being able to park anywhere, Judge Caprio reduced a potential $350 fine to $75, saying he understood that she is a student and was trying to do the right thing.

Judge Caprio asked the student if she enjoyed living in the city — she replied “so, so” saying that her car had been targeted on a number of occasions by local residents.

Judge Frank Caprio shows compassion toward Saudi Arabian student Tahani Al-Manei, with his empathic ruling towards her standing parking tickets. Video Youtube

On hearing this, Caprio said he admired her attitude for coming to study in a different country, waived the fine completely and wished her good luck in resolving the parking issue.

The judge’s videos have been spreading across the internet with more than 1.7 billion views worldwide, while his “Caught in Providence” show is broadcast in 186 cities across the US.

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