Paternity Court 06.21.2021 | Don’t Taint The Family Name: Deceased Man’s Sisters Deny Paternity

Paternity Court 06.21.2021 | Don’t Taint The Family Name: Deceased Man’s Sisters Deny Paternity.
Paternity Court 06.21.2021

Paternity Court 06.21.2021 (Carson/Shelmonson-Bey v. Marcellus):  After tragically losing their brother, two grieving sisters from Michigan want to restore their family name by proving he did not father his ex-girlfriend’s child.

The best comment section on Youtube:

Amanda Roark: Why are people so pressed over death benefits. A child is entitled to survivor benefits if one or both of their parents are deceased. They act like it is coming out of their pocket.

Jessica Thompson:

So you want to protect your “family name” against a baby that belongs to your brother? Let me guess, you just want his death benefits that rightfully belongs to to his daughter for yourselves. That’s all I’m getting from this episode.

Side not to the grandmother at 8:19, It doesn’t take a DNA test for you to be a good Grandparent. If you don’t want to be in their lives then just admit it and be done with it, because if that’s the case then they are better off without you in their lives anyways.
Second side note at 9:58; this one to Michael’s sister in blue, most people don’t go walking into other people’s houses without permission. You might want to get your problem fixed there.

Vera Conerly: When Ms. Marcellus told the sisters she wished they would have their own kids and get out of her business, I felt that for her. These two women were trying to make their messy brother a saint.

Carly Jack: I hate these type episodes. The families always act like death benefits are like winning the PowerBall. Wrong! The moms always act like they were in the bed with them, when they can’t possibly know anything of the kind. The family should be hoping that their deceased loved one left a piece of them here on earth. Oh my god.

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